Mathematics VI

I. Learning Objectives

1. Describe the different kinds of special figure.

2. Construct the different kinds of special figures.

3. Use one’s resourcefulness in creating new things.


II. Subject Matter:  Describing the Different Kinds of Spatial Figures

References:  Lesson Guide in Mathematics IV III A.1.2, Liking Mathematics VI pp.285

III. Procedure

A. Drill

Solve for the perimeter.


B. Review

Match the figures in column A with the objects in column B

C. Lesson Proper

1. Motivation

Constructing  spatial figures using cardboard.

2. Presentation

Present constructed spatial figures and identify each.

3. Discussion

Using power point presentation

4. Generalization

Describe the different kinds of spatial figure.

5. Application

Game:  Pinoy Henyo

IV. Evaluation

Name and describe the following spatial figures.

V. Cut out pictures of of objects n newspapers or magazines that are models of spatial figures and describe each.

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